817- 714-7711

8114 Mansfield Highway Ste. B
Mansfield, TX 76063



  • Electrical Work

    Window not working right? Light flickering? Radio not working the same? It may be a fuse, but it could... >

  • Transmission Service

    Is your transmission giving you issues? Does your vehicle jerk in a certain gear? Our goal is to repair,... >

  • Engine Repair

    Here are some of the more common components of most foreign and domestic vehicles that we perform repairs and... >

  • Brakes Drum or Disk

    Do you hear that squeak or squeal when you were braking? What about that grinding noise when you’re trying... >

  • Computer Diagnostic

    Since 1996, all vehicles have been built with an onboard diagnostic system designed to monitor the vehicle’s major engine... >

  • Differential Specialist

    At Rite Fix we can protect your vehicle’s differential from wear and tear by replacing fluid that has broken... >

  • Air Condition Service

    Are you hot? Is your car a sweltering oven? Bring it in to Rite Fix Automotive Specialists and let... >

  • Shocks and Struts

    Does your car ride like a stage coach? Do speed bumps make you nervous? It looks like you might... >

  • Timing Belts

    If your timing belt is off, then your whole car is off. As they say “Timing is everything”. Come... >

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